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It is a service for investors who are not directly operate their hotels. These investors face increasingly different operating lease contracts to fixed income and bank guarantee. There are numerous possibilities to an investor: management contracts, franchise leases equity and each of them with its many varieties.

If the investor is not a professional in the hotel industry is it useful to have expert advice to enable it to assess the signed contract performance and quality of management. Service Business Follow Up BurgMaster Hospitality Consultants is to apply control techniques in various key areas of the hotel: on cost management, in monitoring financial commitments in monitoring revenue streams in marketing procedures and other aspects that will allow the investor to know in detail what and why of the income statement.

Burgmaster Hospitality Consultants

Comte Borrell, 340, pral 1ª
(Plaça Francesc Macià)
08029 Barcelona
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Technical seminars

Valuation Day.
Hotel establishment valuation: Theory, practice and real cases.
Transformation Day.
Transformation of non-hotel buildings into hotels (and vice versa): A mathematical model.

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